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Council urges visitors to take rubbish home as mess left behind

Written by on June 1, 2020

A council has appealed for visitors to take litter home or report overflowing bins as they attempt to tackle mounting rubbish following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Chorley Council has posted shocking pictures of eyesore bins with rubbish piled high around them after an influx of people venturing outdoors at the weekend.

Posting online, the council appealed to the public to take their mess home with them saying that hours were spent cleaning up Chorley spots after visitors.

The council is urging people to take their rubbish home with them

The post said: “Over the weekend we saw many of our bins overflowing.

“Given habits are different at the moment and people are visiting more places locally we will review our emptying schedules but we need people to do their bit too as it took hours to clean up the mess yesterday.

“While we get to it, if a bin is full please take your rubbish home – by dumping it, it means other people will do the same and it makes the place look a mess.”

The council has asked that visitors take litter from picnics or disposable BBQs home, as the bns aren’t designed to take large boxes and “one or two groups of people fill it straight away.”

They said: “We’ve all got to work together at the moment – we will do our bit if you can do yours too – thanks to everyone who took their rubbish home this weekend if the bins were full.”

You can report an overflowing bin here.