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Speeding clampdown results

Written by on June 10, 2020

More than 100 cars have been seized and almost 150 people either fined or ordered to court following a speeding operation carried out across the county last month.

‘Operation Mantaray’ ran throughout May targeting every area of Lancashire, with officers stopping motorists flouting the speed limit as well as those committing other driving offences such as driving without insurance.

The areas targeted included a number of ‘speeding hotspots’ flagged up to us by local people.

As part of the operation 142 people were stopped for speeding and were subsequently either fined or reported for summons, with several of those stopped doing in excess of 100mph.

The figure of 142 only accounts for those people stopped by officers working on Op Mantaray and doesn’t include static speed cameras or safety camera vans which were also enforcing speed limits.

A total of 120 cars were also seized for being driven without insurance or a licence, or both. Officers also stopped a number of motorists for drink or drug-driving, driving whilst using a mobile phone or driving an un-roadworthy vehicle.

Ch Insp Sue Bushell, of the Lancashire Police Tac Ops team, said: “Road safety is always a priority for Lancashire Police, as speeding can have utterly devastating consequences. Sadly, with less traffic on the roads in recent months, we have seen an increase in some people driving at excessive speeds, potentially putting themselves and others at risk.

“In the ongoing health emergency, keeping the pressure off our emergency services, especially the NHS, is so important whilst they keep the public safe and well throughout this pandemic. If someone speeds and get involved in a collision it will take up vital resources from the NHS, fire and the police.

“We have had officers from the Tac Ops team targeting areas right across the county, stopping people for speeding as well as other offences. We hope this has sent a message that no matter how quiet the roads are, the speed limit still applies. We will not stand for people treating the county’s roads like their own personal race track.”

The operation came about as it had become apparent that with less traffic on the roads, there had been an increase in motorists driving above the speed limit. This included cars doing 144mph and 130mph on the M65 and a driver travelling at 80mph in a 30mph area on the A583 at Blackpool.