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Spectacular ‘silent lightning’ storms spotted illuminating the sky

Written by on June 13, 2020

Stunning but silent lightning storms have been illuminating the skies above Lancashire this evening (June 13).

Members of the public described the strange phenomenon – seemingly soundless flashes of light, without the usual accompanying thunder.

Reports of the moody weather have been reported in areas as far apart as Preston, Blackpool and Burnley.

The Met Office had previously issued a warning to large swathes of the county for thunderstorms and heavy rain.

Although the evening has been mostly dry, members of the public posted homemade videos of their neighbourhoods lighting up.

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In Blackpool, the Twitter account @antonioastro_ posted a slow motion capture of a silent lightning crack.

Shot 33 times slower than real time, a fork of electricity is clearly visible even before dark has descended upon the seaside town.

In Chorley, @ScottyatLarge said he was “loving nature’s show tonight” as he posted pictures and video of lighting ilumminating his neighbourhood through the clouds.

(Image: Twitter: @ScottyatLarge)

And @RED660 shared a video of the silent weather front, momentarily lighting up her corner of Bamber Bridge as if it were daytime.

She wrote: “Glorious electrical storm here no night. No thunder. Looks like #aliens are having an intergalactic battle for Earth!”

According to the Met Office, the storms over Lancashire and the rest of the north west are expected to clear shortly after midnight.

But more are expected to arrive from tomorrow (June 14).

A statement read: “We’ve seen several thunderstorms break out this evening, following a path from southeast to northwest England.

“These should clear the northwest soon but we’re expecting more of the same in the days to come.”

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Silent lightning is sometimes known as heat lightning – when there are flashes of light without the usual accompanying clap or rumble of thunder.

This usually happens when a storm is happening further away and any noise generated dissipates before reaching those watching on the ground.

You can read a full breakdown of the weekend’s weather here.