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Shoppers claim there is a new covid-19 shop in Preston – there isn’t

Written by on June 23, 2020

A number of customers have claimed they have visited a new pop up shop selling coronavirus essentials in Preston.

‘Covid-19 Essentials’, which allegedly opened on Saturday in Fishergate Shopping Centre, has been confirmed to be a hoax.

Martin Woodhead posted an image of the alleged shop on Facebook yesterday (June 22) which left Preston residents divided.

He claimed the shop sells ‘face masks, hand sanitiser and thermometers’ and had opened to customers on Saturday.

A spokesperson for Fishergate Shopping Centre has since denied that the shop exists in its centre.

One customer, Louise Roney, claimed to had visited the shop in Fishergate on Saturday.

She said: “The shop opened on Saturday, loads of people were queuing to get in.

“It’s only a pop up shop that will be moving to different locations around the country. Apparently the next location is Chorley town centre.

“It’s next door to the Apple Shop which was a charity shop.”

When questioned by a Lancs Live reporter following reports that the shop was fake, Louise was still adamant that Covid-19 Essentials exists in Preston.

“That’s strange because my other half bought a face mask yesterday. Are you sure you rang the right shopping centre?”, she said.

“I will ask my other half for the receipt but he probably threw it away because the masks are non refundable.

“Go and have a look if you don’t believe me, I know other people that went yesterday.”

Louise then proceeded to send images of alternative face masks she claims to have bought from Covid-19 Esssentials.

A spokesman on the general enquiries desk at Fishergate Shopping Centre has now denied the existence of the ‘pop up shop’.

He said: “No, I can confirm this shop it not there and is probably a hoax.”

The image posted on Facebook has allegedly been taken from a legitimate new pop-up store in Miami, which offers in-demand supplies for the pandemic.